I. Job description:


Role Purpose

Underwrite new applications & re-uw insurance policies

Give medical assessment/advice on claim cases

Key Accountabilities

-  Responsible for establishing the company’s standards to underwrite life insurance policies;

-  Enhance the company’s UW standards to adapt with risk management & meet market competitive requirements;

-  Underwrite insurance applications and re-underwriting insurance policy following to Company guideline and within authority;

-  Work with reinsurers for reinsurance cases

-  Contribute to UW functional requirements to enhance system to improve UW efficiency;

-  Participate in implementation of UW convenience to improve UW efficiency;

-  Answer inquiries regarding underwriting rules and procedures;

-  Expand medical examination network and  medical services providers;

-  Contact to clinics to support process effectively;

-  Give medical opinions on medical records of claim documents;

-  Other tasks if required by Manager/Line Manager.


II. Job requirements:

1.     At least 2 years of working experience in life underwriting or medical relating jobs

2.     Medical University degree; Thorough knowledge of underwriting.

3.     In depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, trauma, disease and insurance principles

4.     Fellowship in the Academy of Life Underwriting is preferred; LOMA 280,290,386 is advanced

5.     Adept use of Microsoft Office, Internet and email

6.     Fairly in English and Vietnamese

7.     Excellent teamwork ability

8.     Cautious, mature with high sense of confidentiality

9.     Willing to learn