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Education Endowment Plan

Build your dream, cover your future

You always have different dreams, plans for your different life stages in the future:

  • You are young, you have a dream of a full house with your beloved a half or dream of travelling all over the world for widen your knowledges; or
  • You have lovely little angles, you want to gift your child the secured future and career to watch them soar high to fulfill their dreams; or
  • You has tried your best working hard, this is the right time for you to sketch your very first strokes of your golden retirement picture. And, many other long term plans you are cherishing…

VCLI understand that whatever plans you are cherishing, you do hope to maintain them steady and stable. So, what is the things you worry about when you start a long term financial plan?

  • Stable income to maintain your financial plan in long term?
  • Reserves for unfortunate risk may happen?
  • Expenses for extraodiornary needs?

Education Endowment Plan, a financial solution combines effective and comprehensive protection, will not only ensure your financial plan in both short and long terms but also offer the comprehensive protection for the bread winner of the family in front of the unpredicted unfortunate risk in life. 

With Education Endowment Plan, let VCLI build up your dream with you from today.



Efficiently saving for financial plan in long term future.

Promptly support for short term financial needs.

Having totally peace in mind with comprehensive protection plan.









1.   Efficiently saving with PERIODICAL CASH BENEFIT.

With the periodical cash coupons which are equivalent to 25% of Sum Insured (SI) per year during the last 3 Policy years and at maturity date, your financial plan for yourself or your loved ones will always be ensured.

You can also use this benefit as an education fund for your beloved child when she prepares for studying in unversity or study aboard in the future.

moreover, at maturity date, you also receive 100% acumumlated Reversionary Bonus (RB) and terminal bonus (*).

(*) Acumumlated RB and terminal bonus will be specified by the Company from time to time.

2.   Promtly support short term financial needs with 5 YEARS CASH COUPONS BENEFIT.

Not only protect your long term financial plan, Education Endowment also offer support for your short term financial needs with the cash coupons qhich are equivalent to 5% of SI at every 5 Policy years.

You can enjoy trips or buy things in your wish list with total peace in mind. You also make this benefit become school gifts for your child when the school starting.

3.   Comprehensive protection from risks of DEATH / TPD

Whenever the insurance event unfortunately happens, Policy Owner will receive 100% of SI of this product.



Ms. Simpson wants to build up a financial plan for her family. Ms. Simpson enrolls in Education Endowment Plan policy for her, 35 years old, with:

  • Policy term: 21 years
  • Premium term: 18 years
  • Sum Insured: 500 million đồng


Education Endowment Plan is the product for customers in the age band from 18 to 60 years old.

Policy term can be chosen flexibly from 8 to 21 years.

Longer protection with premium term which is always 3 years shorter than policy term.

With Education Endowment Plan policy, Customers can attach the riders as below:

For more detail of product's features and benefits, please refer Terms and Conditions of this product carefully.