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Group Decreasing Term Life

Protect future, ensure finance

BAO AN TICH LUY will give customers peace in mind

As a simple all-in-one bundle product, BAO AN TICH LUY not only helps to build up customers’ target saving amount regularly through a recurring deposit scheme but also provides a protection as an added value to customers’ saving account without any extra cost. Thus, BAO AN TICH LUY brings customers peace of mind in controlling over the healthy growth of your family’s financial future under any circumstance. 

How does BAO AN TICH LUY protect me? 

BAO AN TICH LUY covers the risks of death or total permanent disability (TPD) due to any cause happening anywhere at any time, except some exclusion such as death or TPD caused by suicide, crime or war, etc. For more detail on the exclusions, please see the product’s Terms and Conditions.

How much am I covered?

Upon insured events, customers will be paid 100% of the different between the target amount of your recurring deposit account and the accumulated amount of the principle deposit. The maximum cover amount on all customers’ deposit accounts NOT exceeds 600 million VND (please see illustration on the next page for more details).

When will the cover end?

BAO AN TICH LUY cover takes effect immediately upon deposit account opening and the cover term is equal to the saving term minus recurring deposit installment mode. In case you delay making deposit installment for more than 30 days after the due date or withdraw prior to maturity, the cover will end immediately.

Who is benefited from my insurance?

The beneficiary is the person who receives insurance benefits from BAO AN TICH LUY insurance in case of insured events. You will be asked to appoint the beneficiary at the opening of deposit account and this person can be anyone in your beloved family whom you most desire to take care of.

How can I join?

Joining process is very simple and easy right upon your saving account opening at any of Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB)’s POS with the total Sum Insured =< 600 million VND and if you are at the age between 18-60. You will only be asked to sign the Good Health Declaration and to nominate the beneficiary. Please let any SCB bank staff in your local branch to help you step by step. 


Ms. An 35 years old opened a recurring deposit account Phuc An Khang at SCB with the target amount of VND 120.000.000 for 24 months and chose to deposit an amount of VND 5.000.000 every month. Ms An signed the Good Health Declaration and agreed to join BAO AN TICH LUY insurance. Her cover term will be calculated as the deposit term minus recurring deposit mode = 24 – 1 = 23 months with the illustration of his accumulated saving amount and cover amount as follows:

In case insured event happens to Ms An at the end of 6th month of the deposit term, total insurance benefit paid to Ms An and her family will be calculated as the target saving amount minus the accumulated deposit amount which is VND 120.000.000 – 30.000.000 = VND 90.000.000 

Plus the accumulated deposit amount of VND 30.000.000 will be paid back by SCB, all together will help Ms. An’s family to overcome the difficult period.