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  • Sep 09, 2015

With the aim of increasing customers’ awareness of the benefits of Bao An Thanh Tai and Bao An Gia, VCLI and Vietcombank has jointly organized a series of seminars in Vietcombank branches nationwide. In the seminars, specialists from VCLI introduce to customers about importance of life insurance products, about VCLI and two products as well as answer enquires of customers about them.

VCLI’s representative said: Owning a healthy life, stable financial situation and peace of mind is the need of all people. However, life is not easy and people have to face unpredictable risks, which should be prepared for to minimize negative influence on themselves and their families. Life insurance was born as a meaningful solution to help people prepare and face with risks in the future. When joining insurance, customers transfer risks to insurance company which will share risks with customers by paying considerable financial amounts.

In details, Bao An Thanh Tai is an endowment product, tailored to fulfill the customers’ demand on accumulating money for their children’s education plan and ensure the accumulation target even when risks happen. Accordingly, the family will get an amount of money to finance education cost when the children go to university. Moreover, Bao An Thanh Tai offers attractive guaranteed bonus until the children are 18.

Another product introduced in the seminars is Bao An Gia, the first and unique insurance product with protection from two life-threatening diseases: cancer and heart attack. With the aim of sharing the treatment cost with customers, Bao An Gia offers many benefits including low premium, no premium change in 5 years, and simple procedure.

For the last 3 months, seminars attract nearly 1,000 customers to take part in and plan to be continued in Vietcombank branches until the end of 2015.

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